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Professional Couch Cleaning

Give your couch a break! At Karma Carpet we sanitize and deodorize your couches and loungers with the best eco-friendly cleaning solutions on the market. We take pride in being knowledgeable about the products we use so you can be confident your items are being taken care of in a safe, environmentally friendly way. We have experts on staff who have been in the professional couch cleaning business for over 25 years that are knowledgeable, and kind. They specialize in fine fabrics and will use a high-powered system to safely and swiftly lift dirt and grime, even on the most unique, delicate surfaces.





We do a thorough review on troubled areas done by spills, oils from your skin, pet stains, and those hard to scrub spots. Furniture is an investment, we are here to take care of pieces that you care about by making it last even longer and smell even better. We will answer any questions you have about the products and processes we use while sterilizing and cleaning your upholstery. Our expert technicians will use high-quality, fabric couch cleaner and couch stain removal that will extend the life of your furniture. We are the experts here, so leave the cleaning up to us.

How do we clean your couch?

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  • In order to properly clean the microfiber couch, our techs will inspect the couch and ask you about troubled areas. We will figure out what type of material your couch is so we can match the right fabric couch cleaner. We will measure the length of the couch so we can give you an exact price before we move forward.
  • We will next remove pillows off the couch and begin vacuuming the body.
  • Next, we will spray the correct type of chemical-based off your couches material. We will use soft brushes to agitate to fabric and remove hair and dust while breaking up stains
  • We will next perform a hot water extraction. Meaning, will spray hot water at 100 psi while simultaneously sucking up the clean water and chemical on your couch. Our couch stain removal and this process will remove stains, hair, dirt, and grime.
  • Finally, we will do a post-cleaning inspection where we will go over your couch cleaning. We will show you any permanent stains or troubled areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not all couches are the same. When cleaning a couch you have to consider the size, amount of pillows, material, and wear and tear when pricing. Give us a call and we can give you an estimate.

How long does a couch take to clean and dry?

Couch cleaning is much more time consuming than carpet or rug cleaning most couch standard size couches take about an hour. What makes our couch cleaning service different is how much faster it dries than our competition. Our dry times are between 4-8 hours

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