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Pet Cleaning and Odor lifting Solutions

“Accidents” and “marking” from pets of all ages happen in our homes regularly and the goal is to restore the condition of your carpet or rug before it becomes a habit. The best way to fight dirt, allergens, and pet stains is to get your space professionally serviced regularly. Call Karma Carpet Cleaning today to get a quote by one of our professionally trained and trusted technicians. At Karma Carpet we use a unique cleaning process for each piece we work on, we will make sure to do a thorough assessment and explain what technique we use to help you better understand the cleaning process.

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Our products are the best pet urine carpet cleaner, pet and eco-friendly cleaning solutions so you can feel confident that you are keeping your family members safe, even the ones with paws. 

We don’t mask the smell. Instead, this powerful cleaning method penetrates deep within the carpet or rug fibers dissolving dirt and stains more effectively with revolutionary technology, removing the most stubborn marks. Our best pet stain remover leaving you with a clean, sanitized space without the use of harmful chemicals.


How do we treat pet odor and stains?

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  • Our team will start by inspecting the damaged area. ea rug cleaning service
  • We start by spraying an odor and stain treatment designed to remove pet stains and odor. p rug cleaners
  • Then, we use a heavy-duty scrubbing machine to work the chemicals into the stained rug cleaning
  • We then perform a hot water extraction sucking up both our chemicals and the remaining organic material left behind by your pet. fessional rug cleaning services
  • Lastly, we will complete a final inspection to make sure you are happy with your clean rug.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes all the chemicals we use are 100% safe for your pet they will not get sick from them nor will they irritate them in any way. Are chemicals use food-based Enzymes that are much safer than other enzymes on the market.
We never make guarantees on situations like these because we are unaware of how deep the urine has soaked. If not quickly attended to urine accidents can soak all the way to the floorboards and we may not be able to extract it if it has gotten that far. If you call us right away and we are able to extract as much of the pet urine as possible before performing our pet odor treatment, your chances of removing all the odor are higher.
Not all pet treatments are the same. Generally, we charge $20 extra per room to doa pet odor and stain removal. That is not a fixed price as some situations are more severe than others
Yes, we have top-of-the-line portable carpet cleaning machines that we could take up to high-rise apartments. We are still able to perform our removal processes with our smaller machines.
Yes, we are able to perform some other treatments on Rugs and furniture. Although, it much more difficult to safely remove odor from fine fabrics that are Associated with Roxanne furniture.