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Tile cleaning

Imagine how beautiful your home would look and feel with freshly cleaned tile and grout! Floors set the tone for the look of your home, having them professionally cleaned will keep your home looking great. When it comes to keeping your tile and grout looking clean it's extremely important to remove all the dust, stains, dirt, and grease. You likely clean your floors yourself which is great but regular professional tile and grout cleaning will keep your floors looking new.

Not only does tile cleaning make your home look great it also makes your home a healthier living environment. Allergens, bacteria, and pet dander can live within dirty grout lines. Furthermore, DIY floor tile cleaning can easily lead to mold and mildew issues that you may not be able to see. Our cleaning solution kills bacteria on contact while our sealant keeps germs from penetrating your grout.

Professional tile and grout cleaning Vs. DIY Tile and grout cleaning

Regularly cleaning your tile is good for maintaining a great-looking floor. However, no matter how hard you sweep, scrub, or mop you will never be able to come close to how good your floors will look after they are professionally cleaned. Our powerful truck-mounted tile cleaning machine can rinse your tile at 200 degrees and 1000 PSI. Power like this cannot be matched with anything at home depot or in your garage. Our ability to fully rinse your tile allows us to use professional-grade heavy-duty cleaners and degreasers.

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How Do We Clean Tile?

Tile cleaning

  1. Inspection- We generally like to give in-home estimates for tile jobs over 200 square feet. During the inspection, we will determine what type of tile you have and the best ways to clean your tile. We will see what furniture is in the area and ask that it be removed before the cleaning
  2. Debris removal- We will either vacuum or sweep your floors removing any debris on your tile
  3. Cleaner Application- We will spray a special cleaner for your type of tile. We will apply this at 200 degrees to help it cut the grime on your tile.
  4. Agitation- Our Counter-rotating Brush machine will use heavy duty
  5. Extraction- Our specialized tile cleaning equipment will power wash your tile and grout at 1000 PSI and 200 degrees of water while at the same time vacuuming up all the excess water. This procedure is very clean with no water or chemicals spaying on your walls.
  6. Dry- Next we either mop or hand dry your floors removing extra moisture.
  7. Sealant application- We next add a sealant that will keep your floor looking great and extend the life of them. This is an additional charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over time your tile and grout can begin to be impacted with dirt, grime, and grease. Over time this will begin to make your tiles look faded. Over the counter cleaners and mopping and scrubbing do not come close to our professional-grade cleaners and heavy-duty scrubbers and our HOT water extraction.
If you have over 200 square feet of tile we always do an in-home inspection. Call today to book a free estimate at 310-853-3597.
Even with regular cleaning your tile and grout should be cleaned at least every year.
Your tile floors will be dry and ready to walk on within 30 mins of the cleaning
We insist on it! Sealed grout and tile will keep dirt and grime out of your grout lines keeping them looking better for longer