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We Are Karma Carpet Cleaning

In 2005 Ken Carlson, Karma Carpet Cleaning’s owner took a job with a very successful carpet cleaning business in the South Bay. Within a few years, Ken was promoted to lead technician, and later, manager. All the while Ken was a student at the University of California Santa Barbara. In 2009 Ken graduated college and moved to Hermosa Beach where he started his own carpet cleaning business. Through industry experience, Ken found that many of his competitors were more focused on making a quick buck than building relationships. They lure customers in with one advertised price, just to raise them on arrival. When it came time for Ken to name his business, Karma Carpet Cleaning was the perfect fit. Not only does Karma Carpet Cleaning provide an environmentally safe service for pets and babies, but Ken and the business are also focused on treating customers with respect, which starts dependable pricing. Call Now for free estimates 424-364-1223

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Meet Ken, the Owner of Karma Carpet Cleaning

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