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If you love the look and feel of a clean house then you know how important it is to keep your carpets clean and sanitized. Your carpets are where all the dirt, sand, and dust fall on to. Without regular removal of this debris, you could be damaging your home's carpets. All major carpet manufacturers recommend getting your carpet cleaned by a certified IIRC carpet cleaning company at least every six months. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE Book Today 310-853-3597

What Makes us Different


We will not show up to your home/business and ask for a different price than we quoted over the phone. WE DO NOT BAIT AND SWITCH. Many companies in Los Angles will quote low over the phone, but when they arrive at your house they will cha for way more. We DO NOT DO THIS. We offer flat rates per room, no surprises, no hidden fees, and not hard up-selling. If your carpets are in bad shape we may suggest other processes to get them as clean as possible, this is completely up to you, we do not hard sell. If you are looking for a company that SHOWS UP ON TIME, DOES GREAT WORK, and DOES NOT OVERCHARGE then give Karma Carpet Cleaning a Call  

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Cleaning Carpets for Health

Most people do not realize that how dirty their carpets are can directly impact their health. Without regular professional carpet cleaning your carpets can become a breeding ground for dust, allergens, and bacteria. Exposure to these elements can result in health issues, especially when it comes to babies, seniors, and pets. While vacuuming removes surface levels of dry soil and dust, it fails to eliminate the bacteria that builds up over time. Professional steam cleaning attacks underlying bacteria, dust mites, and allergens, thus reducing toxins. 

The most health beneficial aspect of professional carpet cleaning is the removal of dangerous pollutants that are currently living in your carpets. Aside from everyday dirt and dust, carpets contain pollutants, allergens, and pet dander. Toxic airborne gasses adhere to the particulate matter and become confined in the carpet.

Your carpets are like the air filter to your home. In order to keep the air quality high within your home, you need to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least every six months. 

  Cleaning Carpets for Aesthetics 

A home never looks better than after it has been cleaned by a professional cleaner. This rings especially true when it comes to carpets and upholstery. Enzymes in professional cleaning solutions break up stains and kill odors, leaving your carpets looking brighter and smelling fresher. As, dust, dirt, and grease build up on your carpets, they begin to look matted, making the carpet look old and dingy. Without regular carpet cleaning services, sand, dirt, and foot traffic will wear your carpet down. Imagine having sand on your carpet, when you walk on the carpet you're essentially sandpapering your carpet down with your shoes. To keep your carpets looking great you need to have a professional carpet cleaning service come at least every 6 months. 

Cleaning Carpets the Right Way

Our Carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning solution are 100% all-natural and green. It is safe for babies and pets! Our solutions are soap-free so they never leave a residue.

-We use a state fo the art truck-mounted steam cleaning machine. This Machine is so powerful that carpets can dry within a few hours

-You can book online and all invoicing and payments are digital.

-Top-rated Business. We have over 200 5 star reviews.

-We offer flat rates per room, we don't Gouge, we don't push upsells.
We do business with good karma in mind.

Our Gear 

When hiring a carpet cleaner it is very important to ask what kind of gear do they use. Many companies in Los angles use cheap portable machines that can be rented at Home Depot. These machines are not intended for heavy all-day use. After days of all-day use, they lose suction power which causes long drying times.

At Karma Carpet Cleaning we use state of the Art PTO truck-mounted Machines. These machines are powered by V-8 Engines so they are very POWERFUL and have lots of suction,  which is why our carpets dry within 4-5 hours!! They are also extremely hot, with water temperatures at over 200 degrees, Another reason our carpets dry so fast. 

If you live in an apartment we can still serve you! When cleaning areas that we cant reach with our van we use high-end portables. Unlike the cheap machines commonly found all over Los angles, Our portable machine has three Vaccum engines that suck most of the moisture out of your carpets. 

Karma Carpet Services

Our Chemicals- 

We use the safest and most effective green cleaning agents on the market because we care so much about the quality of our work and the safety of our clients and technicians. It is very important to use high-end carpet cleaning chemicals because cheap chemicals like our competition use, are not only dangerous to breathe in but leave toxic matter, soap, and residue. This not only terrible for health but leads to constant resoiling. After cleaning your carpets with our green carpet cleaner, your carpets will feel fresh and soft and smell great! 

If your carpets are very soiled we can use top of the line heavy-duty carpet cleaning chemicals. These chemicals are safe and approved in California for use residential and commercially but not as safe as our green chemicals. 

What can you expect when using Karma Carpet Cleaning? 

Paperless business- Online line scheduling, calendar invites, digital invoice, text message reminders and updates, and online payments.

Small business BIG integrity- Ontime to all appointments, no hard selling or hidden fees, fair and adorable pricing, SAFE and effective Chemicals. 

Our Equipment

Our Top of the line hot water extraction process will knock out most stains and dry the carpet faster then out competition

Remove dirt, and allergens

We use safe and healthy cleaners that are ok for pets, babies and the elderly.

Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning

In addition to our deep, hot water extraction carpet cleaning. We offer a dry carpet cleaning process that is perfect for businesses.

How do we clean your carpets?

  • We will start by inspecting the rooms you want to be cleaned and explain the carpet cleaning process with you. Then, we will move what small furniture you have off the carpets. we do not move couches or beds but will help if need be.
  • We start by spot treating any areas that need extra attention.
  • Then, we will use our machines to deep clean. These machines use hot water to break up stains and spills while killing odors.
  • The powerful suction of our machine removes a significant amount of water so your carpet will dry within hours.
  • Finally, we will complete an inspection with you to make sure you are happy with your carpet.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our commercial carpet cleaning process is the same deep water extraction service that we offer in residential cleaning service. We are able to deep steam clean your business with either our top of the line truck mounted system or our top-rated portable unit. We also offer fast dry cleaning that dries in only one hour. All services can be done with no chemical smells or residues ensuring the comfort of your employees or customers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We charge a flat Rates for rooms halls and stairs with a minimum charge. Call now to find out more. We are always willing to work with our clients on minimum charges. We do not hard sell or gouge our customers. That is why we are so highly rated. You will not get a better deal for the quality GUARANTEED!
We are based in El Segundo, ca so we mostly serve the south bay area. However, we do travel all over La and orange county. For more information feel free to call or text us at (310)853-3597
Because we use very powerful carpet cleaning gear, most carpet cleaning jobs dry within 4-6 hours. If the carpets are heavily soiled or have odor issues it could take up 8 hours to dry.
We do not move large furniture. We can help you move SOME items. We push couches and slide over tables but we do not move beds dressers or cabinets.
Our go-to carpet cleaning pre-spray is not only extremely safe but also very effective.  That being said, if the carpets are heavily soiled and a heavy-duty chemical is needed then we can also provide that.

Yes, we can. We use state of the art portable carpet cleaning equipment that we can set up in your apartment to clean your carpets. This is not like the stuff you could rent at the store this is high-grade professional gear.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards checks Venmo PayPal just about anything else you have