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How To Maintain A Couch Between Professional Cleanings

How To Maintain A Couch Between Professional Cleanings

A quality sofa is one of the most important furniture investments you can make for your home. Sofas are not only functional pieces of furniture, they also reflect personal style and the overall home aesthetic. Second to bedrooms, you likely spend more time in your living room than any other room in the house. So, why do we make a point to wash our sheets regularly, but neglect to clean our sofas as often as we should? Much like carpets, sofas collect crumbs, dust, grease, sweat, allergens, and even bacteria overtime. For that reason, it is important to hire a professional upholstery cleaning service that can perform deep cleaning at least once a year. In addition, you can take the following steps to maintain the look and smell of your sofa:


Regular vacuuming of your upholstery is the number one chore you can do to keep your couch looking great and clear of dust and dander. Remove the cushions and vacuum the back and seat of the couch. Then vacuum each cushion. *protip- Use a vacuum attachment that has a brush on it to agitate the fibers while vacuuming.

Spot Treat

If there are spots on your couch from food or drinks you can do a basic spot treatment. First, use a towel and extract as much debris and liquid as possible. Secondly, mix a tablespoon of oxy clean with 10 oz of water in a spray bottle. LIGHTLY, spray the stain. Finally, scrub with a white towel extracting as much of the stain and spray as possible. *Protip- Check the tag on the couch and make sure it has a WS cleaning code. WS means it can be cleaned with both wet solutions or dry solutions. DO NOT TRY TO CLEAN IF THERE IS AN X CLEANING CODE OR IF THE COUCH IS WHITE AND/OR LINEN OR OTHER NATURAL FIBERS. CALL A professional upholstery cleaning service!

Rotate Pillows Often

Even out the wear and tear of on the cushions. Flip them every 3-4 months.

Keep Your Couch Out Of Direct Sunlight

Sun damage is one of the most common types of damage we see in Los angles county. If you can keep your sofa away from windows it will keep its color longer. *pro tip- You can always throw a blanket or couch cover on your sofa for added protection.

If you want a worry-free solution for upholstery cleaning then its recommended to hire a professional upholstery cleaning service like Karma Carpet Cleaning. We Specialize in cleaning upholstery of all sorts from Couches to RV’s to Theaters and Cubicles. Call today for a free estimate 424-364-1223 or go to

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