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What Is The Best Type Of Vacuum Cleaner For You?

What Is The Best Type Of Vacuum Cleaner For You?

Regular vacuuming is by far the best way to keep your carpets looking great in between
professional carpet cleanings. Your carpets are like the air filter to your home, which will
begin they begin to fill up with dirt, sand, hair, and grime. And like an air filter, that debris needs
to be regularly removed to have healthy, great-looking carpets! No matter what vacuum you get
it is still recommended to hire a carpet cleaning company at least twice a year, but in-between
cleanings its extremely important to vacuum regularly. When comes time to purchase a new
vacuum you will see that there are three main types, stick vacuums, robot vacuums, and upright
vacuums. They are are all good in their way, but also have drawbacks. In this blog, we will
break down the pros and cons of each type.

Stick vacuum

PRO-Stick vacuums are a great choice of vacuum because they are light, small, and wireless.
They store easily in a closet and are light and agile enough to clean difficult to reach areas in
your home.

CON- A lot of the reasons that make stick vacuums so cool is what makes them not a great
choice for an overall great vacuum. They are light, which means there isn’t a very big or strong
motor. inside of them. Since they are so thing and mobile there isn’t a lot of room for debris to
go, which means it will fill up quickly. I would not recommend a stick vacuum to someone that
has pets or needs a heavy-duty vacuum.

Robot Vacuums

Pro- Robot vacuums are great for someone whos is very busy and has a difficult time finding the
chance to regularly vacuum their floor. They are hands-free and are usually very easy to set up.
Some of the newer top-of-the-line robots are smart enough to unstick them leaves when they
get stuck and even empty there own waste canister.
Con- unsurprisingly the vacuum motors in these gadgets are very small and underpowered, so
don’t expect them to be able to clean heavily soiled carpets. They also are very expensive for
what they do, they might clear some dust and dander off of carpets but struggle to pull out pet
hair and grime.

Upright Vacuums

Pro- Larger and heavier than other vacuums in this blog, upright vacuums have the largest and
most powerful motors. Strong motors power the brush which agitates the carpets. This is
needed to thoroughly clean a high pile carpet. Upright vacs also have the largest capacity waste
canister. I suggest upright vacs for people who have wall to wall carpet, pets, and kids.
Con-The size and weight of these vacs have caused them to fall out of popularity. They are a
pain in the butt to use on stairs, they take up a lot of space in a closet, they big waster canisters
are annoying to change and clean.

If you want your carpets to keep looking great after using a professional carpet cleaning
the company then you will want to regularly use one of these vacuums. Always try to vacuum at
least 1-2 times a week. If you really want all the debris stains and grime removed from your
carpets hire a professional carpet cleaning company like Karma Carpet Cleaning. We use top of
the line truck mounted steam cleaning units to make your carpets look great. For more info go to Or call 424-364-1223

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