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Quarantine Cleaning 101: Basic Tips to Keep Your Home Bacteria Free

Quarantine Cleaning 101: Basic Tips to Keep Your Home Bacteria Free

The novel coronavirus has made the world rethink the cleaning habits. A few minutes of cleaning every day can make a whole lot of difference in eliminating the infection.

The most important point here is: not to panic but prepare for the novel coronavirus.

Research shows that coronavirus can stay on high touch surfaces for 4-5 days and 2 days on fabrics. Couches, upholstery, and carpets are all surfaces that require regular disinfection. With these handy tips, you can reduce the risk of infections, give your home and furniture a good cleaning, and protect your loved ones.

Disinfecting High Touch Surfaces

You need to clean all those surfaces in your home which are frequently touched by all. Some of these high touch surfaces include:

  • Door handles
  • Eating surfaces like a tabletop and countertops
  • Drawer pulls
  • Light switches
  • Entrances
  • Faucets
  • TV remotes and your desktop monitors

You need to regularly dust and wipe them with a high-grade disinfectant to ensure that there are no traces of bacteria or viruses on them.

Couch Cleaning

You cannot escape dust in California, your couch can quickly become a storehouse of bacteria and food crumbs if you don’t clean it regularly. Follow this step-by-step guide to maintain your couch in an excellent condition:

  • Regularly vacuum clean your couch to remove dust, food crumbs, pet hairs, or any dirt that has accumulated.
  • Spot treat any stain with an appropriate cleaner.
  • If your cushion covers are removable, you need to wash them.
  • An important tip when it comes to couch cleaning is to wipe the headrests and arms with a high-grade disinfectant. However, if the fabric doesn’t allow it, then make sure to call professionals who offer couch cleaning services for safe and effective results.
  • Once your couch is clean, remove any odor by lightly spraying a cleaner on the surface.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets endure the highest footprints in your house. Cleaning your upholstery is important. While it’s best to hire professional carpet cleaners to neutralize bacteria and remove deep stains, try these simple hacks to temporarily maintain your carpet:

  • Vacuum your carpet to remove dirt and any pet hair.
  • Don’t rub on any stain on your carpet. Carpet materials are sensitive, so use a cloth sprayed with an appropriate carpet cleaner to clean it.

Upholstery Cleaning

Different furniture requires different cleaning methods. While couch cleaning and carpet cleaning can be taken care of with vacuuming and dusting, your upholstery may require a slightly different tactic. Here are a few tips from experts to help you:

    • Wood Furniture

For your wooden cabinets and antique wooden furniture wipe them with a gentle disinfectant, so they don’t lose their polish. Be sure to avoid rubbing too much.

    • Leather Couches

Take extra care with leather sofas. Specialists offering couch cleaning services recommend using bleach-free cleaners. For spot treatment on leather furniture, use mild soap and water.

    • Windows

Besides vacuuming and wiping down your windows with appropriate cleaners, make sure to let them dry. Use dry newspapers to clean glass windows or even glass cabinets.

    • Bedding

Make sure to wash your bedding at least once every 2 months. Duvets, pillowcases, and sheets need to be washed once every week. You can use sunlight to your advantage to kill any remaining bacteria on your upholstery like mattresses, couches, and carpets.

Get Professional Help Carpet & Couch Cleaning in California!

Your health and safety is our biggest priority. We offer professional deep cleaning services for your couches, furniture, and carpets in California.
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No matter how far you clean your home, we will go that extra mile to protect your family by disinfecting your home and deep cleaning to remove bacteria or infection.

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