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Top Benefits of Area Rug Steam Cleaning

No matter how clean a rug looks, it hosts several bacteria and allergens that can pollute your indoor air quality and causes many health issues. Furthermore, rugs cleaning is challenging as it requires specialized equipment and knowledge. You don’t need to fear though professional area rug steam cleaning provides the ideal solution to your rug cleaning needs. Learn about the benefits of using this green rug deep cleaning method. 

What is Area Rug Steam Cleaning?

You may think that spot-treating stains and vacuuming is the best way to maintain your rugs. However, they are not ideal for deep cleaning. Here’s how area rug streaming cleaning works: 

  • This cleaning method uses a steam cleaner to apply extremely hot steam on the surface of the rug to loosen the streaks of dirt and dust. The heat will break down the deeply embedded debris for superior cleaning. 
  • Deep cleaning services will scrub away the dirt using eco-friendly cleaning products and expert techniques. 

Top Benefits of Opting for Area Rug Steam Cleaning!

  • No More Mildew & Mold Growth

Washing your rugs and carpet is a traditional cleaning trick that helps remove dirt. However, if you do not let them dry adequately, it can cause lead to bacteria growth. Moist rugs provide a favorable environment for allergen growth that can lead to skin irritation and many more health issues. On the other hand, mildew growth can discolor your rugs and reduce their life span. Deep cleaning services use area rug steam cleaning to remove moisture and prevent any allergen growth. 

  • Use of Safe & Eco-Friendly Products

Traditional rug cleaners use products that can have harsh chemicals. These chemicals can discolor your expensive rugs and can be hurtful to the environment. Professional area rug steam cleaners use a combination of green cleaning products, advanced equipment for removing dirt and debris from your carpets. They are a safer investment when compared with traditional cleaning methods. 

  • Does Not Leave Behind Residue

Most homeowners try several DIY carpet and rug cleaning methods. Shampooing and conditioning are one of them. While these methods provide a visible result, they leave behind soap residue and water at the bottom of the carpet. This moisture can be a holding area for dirt and microbes. Deep cleaning services are experienced professionals who know how to use the area rug steam cleaning method to ensure that there is no residue and you can enjoy great looking carpets for years to come. 

  • Sanitizes the Rugs

You may not be aware of this but your shoes and pets can bring several contaminants into your home or office. Furthermore, soft surfaces such as carpets and rugs are difficult to clean because of their texture, construction, and size. Whether you have large area rugs or small throw ones, high-temperature steam vapor effectively kills micro-organisms and bacteria. With professional area rug steam cleaning, you can get a germ-free rug that is safe for your family. 

  • Effective Odor & Stain Removal

Using DIY methods can hamper the color of the rug and may not remove stains completely. Furthermore, high traffic areas can cause soiling of the carpets that can reduce their lifespan. Deep cleaning services use green products to eliminate odors and steam vapor to remove bacteria and dirt. They will utilize the latest equipment to produce efficient results within a fraction of the time. 

Hire Our Area Rug Cleaners For the Best Experience!

If you are looking for experienced rug cleaners, Karma Carpet Cleaning can help! We use specialized equipment and cleaning techniques such as area rug steam cleaning and dry cleaning for the best results. Keep your home neat and clean at your convenience with our budget-friendly deep cleaning services

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Green Carpet & Rug Cleaning: Is it Effective?

If you look at the different rug cleaners in Los Angeles, most of them use green carpet and rug methods. Pet stains, wine spills, and any other difficult stains that once required the heavy usage of harsh spot removers can be now easily removed with eco-friendly products. If you are curious about what green carpet and rug cleaning is, here’s a guide to help you explain the difference between traditional and green carpet cleaning methods. 

What is Green Carpet & Rug Cleaning All About?

Professional rug cleaners in Los Angeles that apply green carpet and rug methods avoid the usage of soaps and chemicals. They instead rely on environmentally-friendly products and advanced technology equipment to keep them in pristine condition. Conversely, traditional methods involve the use of strong solvents to remove dirt and stains.

How Does it Affect Your Carpets & Rugs?

Easy cleaning services are convenient, but the products they carry can affect the lifespan of your carpets. Some of the harsh chemicals that they use are difficult to remove from carpet and rug fibers. Even after repeated rinse, a sticky layer of residue may remain. This can not only attract dirt and dust but also leads to mold growth. 

The Benefits of Using Green Carpet Cleaning: Unlike traditional rug cleaners in Los Angeles, green technology use products that can help you extend the lifespan of your carpets and rugs. Traditional methods may help you remove tough stains. However, they cause soiling of the surface that may deteriorate the quality. The small price of green cleaning is much better than the cost of replacing the carpet. 

Is Green Carpet & Rug Cleaning Safe for Your Family?

Since most traditional methods involve harsh chemicals, direct contact can cause skin irritation to your family members or pets. In addition to this, lingering fumes can also affect the indoor quality of your home. Also, the sticky residue can lead to bacterial growth. 

The Benefits of Using Green Carpet Cleaning: Professional rug cleaners in Los Angeles use products that have non-toxic formulas. The products are safe for children, the elderly, and pets. You can also extract the water quickly that leaves no room for residue. Moreover, specialized equipment enables quick drying time and does not emit harmful fumes. 

How is it Better for the Environment?

Harsh chemicals harm the environment. The chemically rinsed water from your rugs enters the water drain which can potentially contaminate the water supply. The majority of traditional rug cleaners in Los Angeles use harsh chemical mixtures that harm the water bodies. 

Benefits of Using Green Carpet Cleaning: Eco-friendly and easy cleaning services for rugs and carpets carry products that are bio-degradable and non-toxic. Also, many companies have recyclable product packaging and help in reducing landfill waste. 

How is Green Cleaning Effective?

As mentioned above, professional rug cleaners in Los Angeles use specialized equipment and products to remove odors and stains. Besides being safe, these organic solutions can effectively remove bacteria and other contaminants from your rugs. This means less risk of allergies and mold growth. 

Ensure Green Cleaning of Your Carpets & Rugs with Our Experts!

At Karma Carpet Cleaning, we use the best industrial practices to ensure that your home is safe from bacteria and other contaminants. Right from couch cleaning in California to upholstery upkeeping, we will cater to all your needs. 

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Beware!! Your Rugs Are Filled With Bacteria And Other Contaminants

Finding a rug that can tie a room together is not an easy process; rugs need to match the paint, the furniture, the surface they’re sitting on, and the general Vibe of your home. If you’ve settled on a rug to add to your home decor, then you love that rug. But did you know everyday use is filling your beloved area rugs with bacteria and other harmful toxins? Keep reading to learn more.

Crazy facts about area rugs you may not know!

That’s right, but unlike you or me, it’s not from late-night snacking. Area rugs gain weight by collecting dirt, hair, and human skin cells. Over time some rugs can even get to twice the mass they were at the purchase date. Regular vacuuming helps with the build-up of grime but to thoroughly clean your rug, you need to hire a professional rug cleaning service.


No matter how hard you try to enforce a no shoes in the house rule, studies show that at least 75 percent of people will still have dirty feet when walking in your home. When you have rugs on your floor, they may be holding all the muck from outdoors that you and your family bring indoors, including your pets! Hiring A deep cleaning service will help fight against dirty feet culprits.

Rugs affect indoor air quality, which can be 10x worse than outdoor air.

Rugs and carpet are like the air filters of your home. And like air filters in your car, they can not only get filled with contaminants like dust, dirt, and sand but also living contaminants like germs and bacteria. When your air filter is clogged with gunk, it negatively affects the air quality in your home. That is why it’s a good idea to use a home deep cleaning service often.

Rugs can be 4000x dirtier than a toilet.

Your rugs may hold hundreds of thousands of bacteria per inch. That is much dirtier than your home’s toilet. Regular maintenance on your rugs will extend the life and look and also keep them clean and clear bacteria and contaminants.

What is living in your rugs right now?

Organic material.

The number one thing that builds up in your rugs includes food. Crumbs spills and late-night snacks are the number one thing that will be on your rug. Skin cells, hair, and other more revolting human stuff also fill your rug up. Dirt dust pollen from outdoors or within your home can make your rug heavier than the day you purchased it. Animal urine, fecal matter, is probably the grossest thing that may be in your rugs. But hopefully, be the deciding factor on whether you should hire a professional rug cleaning service.


There are good bacteria. There are bad bacteria. The harmful bacteria living in your rug right now are not great for you or your family. Salmonella can be tracked in your home from animal fecal matter without you even knowing it. Salmonella can make you and your family very sick and can be very dangerous. Ecoili is one of the scariest things that is living in unkept rugs. Bacteria tracked in from outdoors or even from the kitchen are very dangerous. It could be life-threatening to babies are the elderly.


Bugs love feasting on whatever is rotting on your rugs—for instance, food particles, animal poop, and other insects living in your rug. Not only on your rugs but rotting organic matter without regular cleaning can also turn to dust and spread all over your home. Rotting dust particles can attract bugs not only to your rugs but all over your furniture, counters, bathrooms Etc. Without regular use of a professional rug cleaning service, you could be putting your family at risk.

What can you do about it!

The best way to keep your family safe from the contaminants in your rugs is to keep them clean. Keeping rugs clean includes only walking on the area rugs with clean feet or shoes. Regular vacuuming with a high-end vacuum helps. Keeping hard surfaces like kitchen tile, hardwood, and vinyl areas as clean as possible not to track anything to the rugs. These tips will help keep your rug safe. Still, if you want to fight against contaminants in your house, then you’re going to want to hire a professional rug cleaning service at least twice a year. A professional cleaner will use chemicals that could kill bacteria and loosen up organic contaminants in your rugs. which makes it easy for them to do a steam cleaning to remove everything off the rug. Professional cleaning is your best chance of getting a rug cleaner to its fullest potential. For the best, most affordable rug cleaning in Los angles, contact Karma Carpet Cleaning (310) 853-3597

Why Karma Carpet Cleaning Uses Procyon Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Karma Carpet cleaning cares so much about the quality of work it provides it only makes sense that they use the best cleaners on the market. Not only do they want your carpets, rugs, and upholstery to look great but they also want to use the healthiest and safest Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents. They have tried just about every green chemical on the market with very mixed results. Some brands cleaned great but weren’t as “green” as they would like. Other brands had amazing eco friendly cleaning agents but didn’t get the carpets looking as clean as they would like. PROCYON IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE GREEN CLEANER WE HAVE EVER SEEN. 

Keep reading to find out more. 

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents

Procyon does not use a soap in its formula. Instead, they use all-natural degreasers and water softeners to dissolve and emulsify contaminants and soil. Procyon uses food-grade cleaners that are the same chemicals found in soft drinks. They are extremely effective and at the same time extremely safe. If these chemicals can be ingested safely then you know they can carefully clean your carpets. 

Residue-Free carpet cleaning

Not having soap in there carpet cleaning pre-spray is very important because soaps can leave a sticky residue that leads to re-soiling. This means your carpets can get dirtier faster after a carpet cleaning. The residue is sticky like a sugary drink that has spilled on the carpet. Dirt, hair, and grime stick to the residue making your carpets sticky and gross. Procyon products like Procyon Extreme, have amazing encapsulating properties. Meaning, any chemical not isn’t fully rinsed from the carpet will first bond to any remaining dirt particles left behind, then crystalize microscopically allowing for easy removal with regular vacuuming. 

Hypo-Allergenic carpet cleaning

One of the things Karma Carpet Cleaning loves most about Procyon is its hypo-allergenic qualities. These cleaners do not emit any VOC’s or off-gassing. This means that when Karma cleans your carpets or upholstery their chemicals will not affect the quality of the air. Customers that are sensitive to chemicals or strong smells will love this product. Technicians love to use it because they have to breathe these chemicals in all day. They do not want to put themselves at risk. In the past, carpet cleaning pre-sprays that had a fragrance. After hours of cleaning, you could begin to get headaches. Procyon is odor-free.  CLICK HERE TO SEE TEST RESULTS 

Safe for the Environment

Not Ony is Procyon Safe for pets, babies, and the elderly. It’s also safe for mother earth. Procyon is 100% non-toxic. After cleaning your carpets water has to be dumped into a sewer. It’s good to know that the water being dumped isn’t toxic and isn’t hurting the environment. Karma Carpet Cleaning doesn’t want to do anything to hurt this planet or their customers. That’s why at karma carpet cleaning we always choose Procyon products. 

At Karma Carpet Cleaning, we want to offer all of our customers the best cleaning possible and all done using the safest organic cleaning products. We aim to provide our customers with a pleasurable, green, and competitively priced cleaning experience.

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